Creative 3D Visualizations

Visualization is a process for creating images and animation through computer graphics to convey the desired message. And the visualization through appealing image is an effective way to broadcast the message.

What is 3D Rendering?

The general term rendering relates to computer graphics (CG), which is the process of creating digital visualizations or model imaging with the aid of a software program like Cinema 4d, Autodesk Maya, Blender and many more.

Our preferred software is Cinema 4D but we use a variety of others as well.  Within Cinema 4D itself we use 3rd party renderers like OctaneRender and Arnold Renderer.  Cinema 4D is a universal program for creating and editing three-dimensional objects using various long-standing methods like Gouraud shading.  We utilize Gouraud shading to best represent continuous lighting on each polygon surface of our 3D scenes.

Why 3D?

3D rendering allows seeing the original design idea, the future project, or any not yet existing objects or already existing but invisible to us. It allows demonstrating the trends of different goods – from food and its packaging ending with new models of equipment.

3D rendering is also used:
• in printed promotional ads,
• in the creation of videos,
• in architecture,
• in industry,
• at scientific or training projects,
• in online stores,
• during the design of the interiors and exteriors, and so forth.

3D Use Cases

Ability to rapidly generate photo realistic versions that match the superiority of averaging without the annoyance of establishing complex and lavish photo shoots
Custom Surface Reflections & Materials
3D visualization permits for the formation of content with full mechanism over every feature of the image right down to the reflections or surface of a material.
RossCo often uses a client’s vector-based logo and converts it to 3D for stunning visuals, logo openers, bumpers and even print assets.  3D titles for video truly come to life with the right fonts and lights/reflections/mograph.
From infographic videos to explainers, 3D animation has the ability to truly separate your brand from the thousands of other brands doing these videos in flat 2d styles.

What could 3D do for your brand?

Whether it’s better product visualizations, new bumpers for your social media promotions or pre-built architectural visualizations RossCo Innovations can utilize the power of 3D rendering to enhance your brand and increase customer engagment.

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