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We hope it shows in our work. There is no compromise with RossCo Innovations. Our philosophy is to treat every step in a project’s process as important as the next. 


There will always be unexpected challenges you face in the early stages of your brand’s journey. Our job is to mitigate those challenges by setting the proper expectations.

ROSSCO strives to ensure that our clients have all the information necessary to make the critical decisions up front. 

We Got You Covered.

Video Production | Video Editing

We conceptualize, produce and edit video projects including live event multi-cam shoots, corporate videos, commercials, 2D and 3D animations, immersive media (360°/VR), television shows and cinematic films professionally, within budget, and on time.

No project is too big or too small.  We are not just 9-5 editors, but dedicated filmmakers who will bring the same passion to your projects that we would to our own.


4K & HD Video Shooting

Aerial Drone Videos

Best-in-Class PC workstations

Premium Software Suite

Motion Graphics & Animation

From complex visual effects to simple text animations, creating a unique visual style for your project is our main objective. Starting with concept and theme designs we strive to bring your storyboards to life in a creative and compelling way. Whether compositing shots or building from scratch, our team will meet your wide range of graphic needs. Our software suite includes Maxon’s Cinema 4d R20 Studio, OTOY’s OctaneRender, Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer, and many more.


Concept & Theme Designs

After Effects, Premium Plugins

Titles, Openers, Logo Stings

Explainer & Infographic Videos

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3D Rendering

2D drawings can still be used but they lack impact and presentation that can catch the interest of prospective buyers. Scale models, on the other hand, are more complicated to build, time-consuming, and expensive because of the materials you need to use. Instead of using scale models or 2D images, architects, interior designers, real estate agents, and other marketers today use 3D rendering. Images created through 3D rendering make designs, plans, and products that are not yet physically available realistic and more appealing…especially to potential buyers.


C4D R20 Studio, OctaneRender Software

Architectural Visualizations

Modeling, Substance Design, Compositing

360° Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

Website Design & Development

We offer a wide array of web design services – anything from initial concepts to fully realized, functioning designs. Whether you’re partnering with us for the full RossCo Innovations experience or need our expertise for a specific task, our web design process will ensure an effective solution tailored for your business.

By offering web hosting and development services in-house now, ROSSCO saves you time and money by reducing your vendor list so you can concentrate on what you do best.


Concept Design, Mock-ups

Site Hosting and Maintenance

Re-Designs, Migrations, Optimizations

CTA's and Social Media Integration

Did We Hit the Sweet Spot Yet?

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Research, analysis, messaging and design – we follow a process to produce unique and lasting brands. Whether you’re a startup or an established company looking for a new look, we are here for you.



Color Palettes

Font Selections

Responsive Logo Treatments


Brand Identity

Our branding offering follows a unique combination of comprehensive research and analysis, messaging and creative design. We take you through a consultation session, which helps us to fully understand your company and your target audiences. In the end, we present you with a complete branding vision that sees you far into the future.



Brand Guides

Brand Persona Creation

Cloud Solution Integration