Standard SSL (1-Site)

Domain validation
SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption.
Boost SEO rankings
Fast issuance in 5min
Display HTTPS & padlock
Security trust seal
Support unlimited servers
Free unlimited reissues
$100,000 USD warranty

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Protect Your Website (and your customers)

Who needs an SSL?

Anyone with a website needs an SSL.

  • Blogs, personal or informational sites – SSL boosts Google ranking and prevents hackers from intercepting sensitive information when visiting the website.
  • Business and non-profit sites – SSL established site legitimacy and protects visitor’s information like login credentials and personal data.
  • ecommerce sites – SSL secures customers’ payment information.

An SSL protects your customers by encrypting sensitive data like usernames, passwords and credit card numbers as they pass through your site.

  • Customers are looking for it – visitors want to know the sites they visit are secure Higher Google search ranking. Google uses SSL as a ranking signal.  SSL-encrypted sites will be ranked higher than non-encrypted sites.
  • “HTTPS everywhere” is a movement led by Google, Mozilla, and Apple, just to name a few, to make the Internet a safe place by default.  HTTPS is not a nice-to-have anymore, it’s a must-have.  Browsers are or will be calling out non-secure sites with warnings and alert messages.
  • Big security breaches grab the headlines, but the reality is small business are at higher risk.  There’s a rise in cyber attacks on small business simply because they’re easy targets.  Small business owners are less aware and less equipped to handle attacks.  80% of cyber attacks could be stopped by adopting simple basics such as an SSL.

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