Website Monthly Maintenance

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A Monthly Website Maintenance Package from ROSSCOweb that included Backups, Performance Checks, Security Scans, Uptime Monitoring, SEO Ranking, Plugin/Theme Management, User Managment and Link Monitoring.


What you get with the ROSSCO website Monthly Maintenance Package:

  • Backups - Weekly Backups of your site stored "off-site" or on our own servers to protect from server failures.
  • Performance Checks - Weekly performance analysis scans to ensure your website is running at optimal speeds.  Email notifications sent upon speed drops/opportunities.
  • Security Scans - Daily scans of your Wordpress website to ensure that it is clear of vulnerabilities and malware.  Web Trust checks performed as well.
  • Uptime Monitoring - 24/7 Uptime monitoring of your website to ensure that your customers can find you.  Notifications sent when site goes down.
  • SEO Ranking - You select 3 keywords for your website (including long-tail keyword phrases) and we will monitor them for you with reports on your websites performance including up to 3 competitors' performance for the month.
  • Plugin Management - Daily Monitoring to ensure that all plugins stay up to date and bug-free.
  • Theme Management - Daily Monitoring of your Wordpress Theme to ensure it stays up to date and bug-free.
  • User Management - Add or Remove up to 5 users to your website per month with activation instructions sent to them by email.
  • Link Monitor - Weekly monitoring of all of your website links to ensure that all are indexed correctly and working properly.


Bonus!!  Receive 50% off hourly rates for all website work!